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My Top Pi Applications for PI 4 / 400

1Visual Studio Code - WikipediaMicrosoft Visual Code
2Blender icon | MyiconfinderBlender 3D (2.79 only)
sudo apt install blender
3Tray icon looks blurred/pixelated on KDE · Issue #2230 ...Telegram Desktop Messaging
sudo apt install telegram
4FS-UAE Amiga Emulator
Add / Remove Software keyword: FS-UAE
5MyPaint Online Graphics App – rollAppMyPaint
sudo apt install mypaint
6Synaptic Icon | Pacifica Iconset | bokehliciaSynaptic
sudo apt install synaptic
7Vivaldi 1.11 is out, here is the change logVivaldi web browser
sudo apt install vivaldi
8VLC Media Player Icon | Simply Styled Iconset | dAKirby309VLC video player
sudo apt install vlc
9Inkscape Icon of Flat style - Available in SVG, PNG, EPS ...Inkscape
sudo apt install inkscape
10Karbon (software) - WikipediaKarbon Vector Drawing Application
sudo apt install karbon